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Need reasonably priced flowers for family funeral in Oregon...anyone know of a reasonable floral service?

we live 1500 miles away...need to send flowers for tragic child%26#039;s death...need reasonable prices

Need reasonably priced flowers for family funeral in Oregon...anyone know of a reasonable floral service?
Your best bet would be to use the yellow pages for a florist near the funeral home - or ask the funeral home directly. A local florist will be happy for the business and won%26#039;t charge the same rates as an FTD florist would. You might also ask where the child is to be buried and then check with the cemetery. Many of the smaller cemeteries will allow mementos on the graves, such as toys the child liked, stained glass pieces, or plastic or silk flowers. Another wonderful gesture would be to help pay for the headstone in lieu of flowers. A nice headstone will be remembered much longer than the flowers will be.
Reply:Check out

You can search for a florist in the city and state you wish and find a LOCAL florist to handle your flower order. You can send flowers and avoid wire service fees this way.


What do people do with the flowers after the funeral?

I know that some are left at the grave, but what about all the other flowers? There are usually so much, and I%26#039;m just stumped as to where they go afterwards? Do they leave the flowers in the church? Do the family members bring the flowers home?

What do people do with the flowers after the funeral?
They keep it for memories.
Reply:Perhaps you can donate them to a church. Many of them use flowers to decorate their alters.
Reply:I work at a nursing home and we regularly receive flowers after the funerals of our past patients.
Reply:Some are taken other places (like churches or nursing homes) others are taken by the family. If they have any cut flowers, they might keep those and dry them. Just a little memento I guess.
Reply:Sincere people try to discard them on the burial place, but I also know people who recirculate them.
Reply:I worked at a funeral home for 8 years, most of the time they leave some at the gravesite and take the rest to nursing homes or terminal care floors at hospitals. It really makes other people%26#039;s days to have fresh flowers around.
Reply:I worked as a florist for five years, and I have learned that if the flowers are fresh they are left at the graveside until they are wilted. Then, they are thrown away. If the flowers are silk, they are either left at the graveside until they are weathered, or they are taken home and stored to be displayed at a later date. I hope that helps!
Reply:I have been through many funerals and different people do different things. But I believe most families decide which flowers they want taken to the grave and then dispense the rest to the different family members. For example: Say you are the sister of the person who has past and your friend, work, ex-husband and neighbor all sent something to the funeral home. They would most likely give those to you to do with what you want.

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Do you want flowers at your funeral?

saw one today with no flowers kinda sad just interested in what you think ?

Do you want flowers at your funeral?
Heck yeah. I want flowers and a marching band and some of the freaky acrobats from Cirque de Soliei.
Reply:No - it%26#039;s a bit late to buy me them then!

I do want to be buried where there are lots of trees though so that visitors can appreciate them.
Reply:Sure. I%26#039;ll be dead so I won%26#039;t get to see it. Can you get e-mail in heaven?
Reply:Yes, I want flowers at my funeral, but I want to be cremated and scattered over the ocean and then flowers tossed in after.
Reply:Nah, just lots of Whiskey and Wine!!
Reply:Yes, I would want flowers. I would hope the people I rub elbows with would care enough to send something thoughtful like that...but more importantly, I would want a room full of people! I think people taking time out of their day to pay their respects is even more important. So, for my funeral, I would want standing room only, people of every race, a powerpoint, and a sermon on salvation.
Reply:I would want some flowers but I do know some families that only use greenery on top of the casket. Some families request that people make donations to a charity in lieu of flowers.
Reply:For myself, I could care less. I%26#039;ll be dead, after all. But for the family, yes I do. Understandably, not a huge number of flowers, since many people look at them and think %26quot;how much better to donate the money to charity X!%26quot; That%26#039;s true, but if you%26#039;re going to go that route, skip the whole funeral and donate the money.

Either way, the funeral is for the family; so a reasonable number of flowers is probably the best compromise.
Reply:No. And I don%26#039;t want people looking at me laying in a casket either. Where ever I am when I die, my family has been instructed to send my body to the nearest crematorium and then spread my ashes of the neatest body of water.
Reply:Absolutely not. Why would I want flowers! I will be dead and won%26#039;t be able to appreciate them. What a waste of money. Of course you%26#039;re making the florist happy! If you want to honour me, please make a donation to a charity in memory of me. Now that makes sense and it will benefit somebody that%26#039;s alive!

Reply:I want BALLOONS I love balloons and I don%26#039;t want people crying over me or giving me those flowers in thos ugly baskets to throw on top my grave.

Balloons, music dancing and good food. Its a celebration of my life, not a goodbye.
Reply:My will specifies that in lieu of flowers, I would prefer donations would be made to The American Cancer Society, The American Kidney Foundation, or local humane societies. I think any monies spent would do more good at one of these (or other) charitable organizations.
Reply:Some people request donations to a charity instead of flowers. I would like flowers from family, loved ones, and donations to a charity of my choice from associates.
Reply:I want to remain immortal and young looking even after three thousand years.
Reply:Funeral flowers are so overrated -- just give money to build a playground somewhere and cremate me!
Reply:Bring me flowers during my lifetime. Don%26#039;t bother once I%26#039;m dead -- I won%26#039;t be there to enjoy them!
Reply:flowers or no flowers is okay with me. but i want my ipod turn on with fully charged battery inside my coffin with the earphone on.

with the selected folder, full of my fave songs.
Reply:No, I can%26#039;t appreciate them so why waste them.

I%26#039;d rather someone planted a tree for me.
Reply:No thanks. No funeral. Just a bunch of friends and family. Lots of beer, liquor and music as they toss my ashes over the cliff.
Reply:Not really, i wouldnt want flowers to be killed just for the purpose of my funeral. I want a crazy funeral, like pop music and people dressed in pink.
Reply:hmmm, that%26#039;s odd. Yes, I definitely want flowers at my funeral. Traditionally, the family splits up the planters afterwards and it is another way or remembering those who have passed.
Reply:No. Donate the money to my kid%26#039;s college education fund instead! lol
Reply:To be honest with you I like the design,but I will be gone so it won%26#039;t make much of a difference and spending so much money on me when Iam not really around to see,to me seems kind of worthless and that money could go towards something else! I would appreciate the thought and care,and I understanding wanting to feel comfortable and the area nice and busy,but it doesn%26#039;t bother me that much.
Reply:I will be cremated and my ashes spread over Wrigley Field.

No flowers but you may drink a budweiser in my honor.
Reply:Wouldnt bother me as i would be dead but probably nice for grieving relatives to lighten proceedings a little--if you have any
Reply:i don%26#039;t want a funeral at all - just cremated and my ashes spread on my wife%26#039;s Corn Flakes
Reply:If it is my funeral, I must assume that I am dead and do not care what earthly rituals are performed or how my body is dispersed of or if there are flowers and any kind of no I don%26#039;t really care, to me it is just a way of the florists to make money on the grieving of the loved ones left behind...just my humble opinion.
Reply:Yes of course! Giving flowers is a show of love.
Reply:I don%26#039;t even want flowers now, let alone when I can%26#039;t enjoy them. I think FTD is a great big scam!!!

On the other hand, my wife loves flowers, and thinks a gift of flowers is just wonderful!

So, since she%26#039;ll be there alive to enjoy your flowers, yes, send them. Thanks!

I%26#039;d rather go enjoy our back-yard garden, and decorate with undying silk flowers, and give the room the scent of flowers via air freshening Pot Pouree.
Reply:Yes. pink ones.
Reply:well one or kind a nice but if over loaded would be waste of money, I remember my father funeral 4 years ago I know it is emotional time so my older brother start pick out a bunch of flower the total cost was about $2000.00 and there a bunch more flowers from friend I think that is a wasted of money.

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I have flowers from my best.f's Grandpas funeral and i wanna make something special..?

My Best friends Grandfather past away almost a month ago and i have the flowers she brought home from the funeral and i wanted to make something very special for her.. but i%26#039;m not sure what the flowers are already dried out.. and she%26#039;s still not done grieving.. i thought maybe this would help her.. so can you help me please its very important to me to do this. Thank you in advance.

I have flowers from my best.f%26#039;s Grandpas funeral and i wanna make something special..?
press them then put them in a frame
Reply:Press the flowers find a fittin poem make a collage and place a picture of him on it
Reply:Break up the dried flowers and buy a nice crystal jar or bowl. Make a nice potpourri from the dried flowers. Go to the link below and follow the easy instructions.

Best of luck.
Reply:Maybe you could make a %26quot;tussie mussie.%26quot; This is a Victorian era nosegay made from dried flowers. I%26#039;ve made several over the years from roses or flowers given to me on special occasions. They look great to top stacks of books or just to lay in front of framed photos. I%26#039;ve also used the dried petals to make and/or enhance the look of homemade potpourri. Just freshen the scent occasionally.


Appropriate message for flowers at funeral of a dear uncle?

I think you should speak from your heart.

I will miss dear Uncle XXX so very much. He was such a special person to me; the way he made me laugh, his special hug, and always knowing he was there for me. My thoughts a prayers are with all of you.


Appropriate message for flowers at funeral of a dear uncle?
Get Well Soon. if the uncle was a joker.

I hope they have checkers in hell if he was an uptight jerk. %26lt;_%26lt; (although dear makes it kinda uneffective)

Atleast this uncle didn%26#039;t leave with Cement Shoes (%26lt;_%26lt;)

Lifes a joke, and Death told a bad joke.
Reply:%26quot;In Loving Memory%26quot; always sounds nice.
Reply:The outside envelope could read in loving memory of my Dear Uncle, or any part of that. The inside should give your full name, and what you were to the departed, so everyone can see, and grieve with you. Jane Smith, niece of Uncle Jim. This is especially important, when the funeral home takes the cards off of the flowers, and gives them to the chief mourner. You will want to let your Aunt know how much you care, and miss your uncle, and you want her to know it was you, not some other niece, who sent the flowers. She does not need to play guess who sent the flowers in her time of grief. She will want to send a thank you note, and maybe say something in person. She will need to know who to address those to.

Sorry for your loss.
Reply:You will be dearly missed by all.
Reply:%26quot;My (Our) thoughts and prayers go with you.%26quot;
Reply:Just sign your name to them, so the family knows who sent them. Not necessary to leave a message on the flowers.

You can say what you want to say to your Uncle%26#039;s family.

Should we send flowers during the viewing or the funeral?

We are attending a viewing on Thursday and the funeral on Saturday. When would it be more appropriate to send flowers? Since the viewing is two days away, will the flower arrangement wilt before the funeral?

Should we send flowers during the viewing or the funeral?
I%26#039;ve been told the number of flowers sent will be an indication of the turnout on the funeral. Send them early for the viewing or as they say here down south, the wake.

The flowers will be on display for the viewing/wake and the funeral as well.

A lot of flowers sent are potted plants of some type are not cut flowers. The family may order sprays for the funeral which would arrive the day before possibly.
Reply:Typically sent to the funeral home for viewing unless the family requests donations sent to an org. in lieu of flowers.
Reply:Thursday, the day of the viewing.
Reply:It may depend on the religious faith/church conducting the burial ceremony for the late. Some prefer flowers during the viewing while others prefer at the funeral. Since the funeral is close, just trust your instincts to guide you.
Reply:No the flowers will not wilt. The florist knows how to keep them fresh. Let them know it is a 3-day service when you order. Send them asap.
Reply:Have the flowers delivered to the Funeral Home on Thursday before the viewing begins.
Reply:send it for thursday it should be fine till saturday if the arrangement was made on thursday but your florist will know more. you can also water it if you get there really early on saturday. The furneral director may also do this for you.
Reply:Flowers should be sent to the viewing. The flowers will be fine by the funeral. We had flowers from my grandfather%26#039;s funeral around for a long time afterwards. In fact, we still have some plants from there *he passed in october*
Reply:I think it%26#039;s better to send the flowers in time for the funeral itself so the arrangement is fresh when it is taken to the graveside or given to family members to take home.
Reply:I would send the flowers to the viewing. They should last. If you have further concern about this, consult with the florist.
Reply:I%26#039;ve never been to a viewing so the sending flower%26#039;s to the funeral will be fine. When my grandparents died. At each funeral (there was no viewing) people would send flower%26#039;s to the funeral.
Reply:Send them to the viewing. On the day of the funeral, the family most likely won%26#039;t even see them. When my mom died, they only took a few of the arrangements to the burial and the rest we elected to have them sent to area nursing homes. We did see the ones at the viewing, though.

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What should i write on a card to put on my Nanna's funeral flowers? Any links to sites that have nice verses?

I%26#039;m finding it hard to put into words what i feel for my Nanna and need a bit of a helping hand.



What should i write on a card to put on my Nanna%26#039;s funeral flowers? Any links to sites that have nice verses?
So sorry about your loss.

I used this verse for my uncle when he passed away.

Wonderful memories woven in Gold,

There is a picture we tenderly hold,

Deep in our heart a memory is kept,

To love, to cherish, and never forget.

Gone is the face we loved so dear,

Silent the voice we long to hear,

In all the world we will not find,

A heart so wonderful and kind.

You left us quietly,

Your thoughts unknown,

But left us memories,

We are proud to own.
Reply:A short personal message is always good. %26#039;I will always love and remember you nana. Thank-you for all your kindness and the happy times we shared together%26#039;. All my Love- xxx

Something like that perhaps.
Reply:its hard to lost someone who is very close to us, in the card maybe you should write how you feel about her and thanks to her how grateful you are to be her grandchild.
Reply:You stood over me when I was young and watched as I grew, gave me the love that only a grand mother can and as I grew older I started to watch you and watched as you slipped into the quiet good night....and now its good bye. Take with you my love as I have taken yours with me. Til we meet again - anon
Reply:May the road rise to meet you.

May the wind be always at your back.

May the sun shine warm upon your face.

And rains fall soft upon your fields.

And until we meet again,

May God hold you in the hollow of His hand.

this is a few words from the irish blessing
Reply:I wrote this for mine, don%26#039;t know if there%26#039;s anything within it you can use. - God bless ur Gran.

You said that you had cancer, You told me you would die.

I couldn%26#039;t quite believe it but you looked me in the eye.

I thought you%26#039;d stay forever, I thought my kids would meet you

You told me you were leaving, there was nothing you could do

I watched you quickly crumble, you turned into a wreck

My strong mentor gave up, with this noose around her neck

I can%26#039;t lose my granny, God knows she drives me round the bend,

They said you had a full year yet and you%26#039;d see it to its end

We both knew you wouldn%26#039;t though, we knew you%26#039;d given in,

Who could blame you for it, no reason to bear and grin.

Walking home a few weeks later and I began to cry

I knew I had to tell you I loved you and say my last goodbye

I knew that you were leaving that night, something told me so

I fell to my knees and pleaded with god, please don%26#039;t let her go

I knew that it was a selfish want, and I knew you were in pain

But each extra day I spent with you was such a massive gain,

Granda came to meet you that night, I felt his touch in there

He had came to guide his one true love to heaven through the air,

He lifted you gently in his arms and carried you away

I look up at the bright white light and said %26quot;see you another day%26quot;
Reply:the best this to write on the card is from your heart....
Reply:Words can not express how sorry I am. I lost my pop in March and its always hard to know what to say. Here a few that may help...


We had a wonderful grandmother,

One who never really grew old;

Her smile was made of sunshine,

And her heart was solid gold;

Her eyes were as bright as shining stars,

And in her cheeks fair roses you see.

We had a wonderful grandmother,

And that%26#039; s the way it will always be.

But take heed, because

She%26#039;s still keeping an eye on all of us,

So let%26#039;s make sure

She will like what she sees.

Legacy of Love

A wife, a mother, a grandma too,

This is the legacy we have from you.

You taught us love and how to fight,

You gave us strength, you gave us might.

A stronger person would be hard to find,

And in your heart, you were always kind.

You fought for us all in one way or another,

Not just as a wife not just as a mother.

For all of us you gave your best,

Now the time has come for you to rest.

So go in peace, you%26#039;ve earned your sleep,

Your love in our hearts, we%26#039;ll eternally keep

I hope this helps. keep your head up sweetie. I can%26#039;t say that its going to get easier. Because you will always miss her. But it will get better. Take care.
Reply:Sorry for your loss, just think about your Nanna and I%26#039;m sure something will come to you, like how she made you smile!
Reply:im sorry to hear about your Nanna,But i think something from you would be nicer. doesnt matter what it is,because your nanna will be the only one reading it.just tell her how much you loved her and that you will miss her very much,and she will always be in your thoughts.the good times you had together,Well god bless you and your family,It all comes from the heart,
Reply:Keep it simple and sincere. Try I loved you and will miss you for ever my lovely Nanna. Or try One day Nanna we will be together again. What ever you say make it from you and how YOU feel as a warm and real human being. Forget web sites. Your Nanna was not a PC and neither are you.

sorry about your grandmother. i will pry for your family. this site has a ot of different verses and poems. i like it, i hope you find what you are looking fir.
Reply:google will help ya out

sorry for ya loss

i know that dosent mean alot from a stranger

but i know how hard it was when i lost mine :(

take refuge in the fact that she was a lovelly person who cared. nanna%26#039;s allways make things good.

im sure if ya a religiouse person that u know she is in a far better place now :-)

as i say sorry for ya loss :-(

here is some i googled for ya .. hop they are of some use

hugs ya ..... take care

ps have a star to remind you that Nanna will allways be watching over you from the heavens.

allthough no longer with you she lives on in your heart

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