Saturday, April 11, 2009

Appropriate message for flowers at funeral of a dear uncle?

I think you should speak from your heart.

I will miss dear Uncle XXX so very much. He was such a special person to me; the way he made me laugh, his special hug, and always knowing he was there for me. My thoughts a prayers are with all of you.


Appropriate message for flowers at funeral of a dear uncle?
Get Well Soon. if the uncle was a joker.

I hope they have checkers in hell if he was an uptight jerk. %26lt;_%26lt; (although dear makes it kinda uneffective)

Atleast this uncle didn%26#039;t leave with Cement Shoes (%26lt;_%26lt;)

Lifes a joke, and Death told a bad joke.
Reply:%26quot;In Loving Memory%26quot; always sounds nice.
Reply:The outside envelope could read in loving memory of my Dear Uncle, or any part of that. The inside should give your full name, and what you were to the departed, so everyone can see, and grieve with you. Jane Smith, niece of Uncle Jim. This is especially important, when the funeral home takes the cards off of the flowers, and gives them to the chief mourner. You will want to let your Aunt know how much you care, and miss your uncle, and you want her to know it was you, not some other niece, who sent the flowers. She does not need to play guess who sent the flowers in her time of grief. She will want to send a thank you note, and maybe say something in person. She will need to know who to address those to.

Sorry for your loss.
Reply:You will be dearly missed by all.
Reply:%26quot;My (Our) thoughts and prayers go with you.%26quot;
Reply:Just sign your name to them, so the family knows who sent them. Not necessary to leave a message on the flowers.

You can say what you want to say to your Uncle%26#039;s family.

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