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Who's name do I sign when sending a thank you card for funeral flowers.?

My mother died, my dad is still living, I have 3 sisters, all are married. My sisters and I divided up the cards to send out, alot of them are for distant relatives I don%26#039;t know, and I%26#039;m sure they don%26#039;t know me (my married name). Since they are family, I%26#039;m not sure if signing %26quot;the family of Jane Doe%26quot; is appropriate either.

Who%26#039;s name do I sign when sending a thank you card for funeral flowers.?
Sign your mom%26#039;s name.

It will freak them out!

Reply:I think %26quot;the Family of Jane Doe%26quot; is fine. The more distant family shouldn%26#039;t be insulted...
Reply:some people really don%26#039;t care how the names are signed in the thank you card; its more that they receive acknowledgment of the flowers/plant, cards, gift basket, or money they sent. if you want to sign names, you can sign everyone%26#039;s name using the former last name of the married daughters in parentheses with their current last names. if those are too many to list, you may want sign using your last name and your maiden/family%26#039;s last name (the so and so families).
Reply:the family name, like thank you very much, from the smiths, ect
Reply:I would say you should sign your name %26quot;and family of%26quot; your mother%26#039;s name would be appropriate. Maybe if you do somewhat know the person you are sending it to, you can personalize it so they realize who you are.
Reply:sign your name . . if they are family they will figure it out that you got married and don%26#039;t have the same last name or they%26#039;ll ask another relative and find out who you are. . .
Reply:Maybe. . . %26quot;Thank you on behalf of Name of Dad, Name of Daughter 1, Name of Daughter 2, Name of Daughter 3, and Name of Daughter 4%26quot;. Then sign your name. The people you send cards to will probable recognize your name as one of the daughters.
Reply:I think the %26quot;family of Jane Doe %26quot; is fine or you could do it like this..thank you for the flowers...dick and Jane doe.I would use your maiden name so people will know who you are or use a hyphenated maiden and married name.
Reply:From Jane Doe%26#039;s family.
Reply:I don%26#039;t know, %26quot;The Family of Jane Doe%26quot; sounds right to me. But if you%26#039;re not comfortable with that, sign it from you or your father.
Reply:Use your first names followed by your family name...people will know then!
Reply:I would sighn %26quot;The family%26quot; because i am sure everyone is thankfull for them, sorry to hear about your loss.
Reply:you always put thank you from the family of the deceased persons name
Reply:just sign your name and %26quot;family of%26quot; this should be appropriet enough.
Reply:Sign the husbands first and last name and put the family on it too. For example: The Rick Johnson family.
Reply:You could sign the cards saying something like

%26quot;My family and I would like to thank you for xxxx%26quot; (the flowers, the food, etc.)

Then, sign your name. Mary Smith (Jones)

When my mom died last year, we divided up the thank yous as well. I wrote my married name and in parentheses put my maiden name.

I am very sorry for your loss, too.
Reply:Our family agreed that signing %26quot; The family of (the deceased name) %26quot; worked best for us. Cards I receive use the same way of signing.

Sorry for your loss.
Reply:I think it should be your dads name as he is the eldest living member in the family. You may write on behalf of (his name) and then your name (+daughter of .....) This way i feel your relatives will recognise your dad and you.
Reply:sign with your name ---------------and if you want to add P%26gt;S%26gt;.


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